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The MD500's have a lifting capacity of 500kg - just perfect for a tank lift or lifting those building materials into a remote site.

Give us a call to discuss your lifting requirements and find out how we can help.

Firelighting and Firefighting

Our team can tackle any controlled burn you require, utilising our specialist firelighting equipment.

Our collapsible monsoon buckets can be stowed in the back of the machines allowing for rapid response to any fires and are fitted with inflight Class A foam injection units which help to increase the effectiveness of fire knockdown.


Lister Helicopters firefighting
Lister Helicopters firelighting

With our experienced pilots and purpose-built equipment - you can rest assured any burnoff can be achieved with maximum results and all safety measures taken at all times.

Mustering, Aerial Photography or Filming

For all your mustering, aerial photography or filming needs give our specialist team a call.

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