With a lifting capacity of 1 tonne the AS350 FX2 Squirrel makes easy work of any lifting job.

The MD500 has a lifting capacity of 500kg - just perfect for that tank lift or building materials lift.


From stop bank repairs to heavy lifts into remote sites - Lister Helicopters has a machine to suit any job.

Lister Helicopters lifting services
Firelighting and Firefighting

Lister Helicopters hold a Fire and Emergency NZ Certificate of Compliance.


Our team can also tackle any controlled burn you require, utilising our specialist firelighting equipment.

Our collapsible monsoon buckets can be stowed in the back of the machines allowing for rapid response to any fires and are fitted with inflight Class A foam injection units which help to increase the effectiveness of fire knockdown.


With the ability to carry 1000 litres of water in our Squirrel monsoon bucket to dampen down any edges or hot spots  2 x MD500's capable of carrying 500 litres each and the Jetranger able to carry 400 litres - you can rest assured any burnoff can be achieved with maximum results and all safety measures taken at all times.

Mustering, Frost Fighting,

Aerial Photography or Filming

For all your mustering, frost fighting, aerial photography or filming needs give our specialist team a call.