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We understand the seasonal demands on our farming clients and with a fleet of 4 machines we are more than capable of being able to meet these demands.

Our pilots have an extensive chemical and fertiliser knowledge and we work closely with local transport operators and chemical suppliers to make on-farm application hassle-free.

For all your agricultural spraying - from high volume brushweed spraying to low volume crop spraying, solid and liquid fertiliser, seed and slurry spreading - give us a call now!

Lister Helicopters are an AirCare and Spreadmark Accredited operator - this means we follow stringent environmental and safety procedures which comply with all local Regional Council guidelines. Our spraying and spreading equipment is tested regularly to ensure optimised spreading and spraying patterns.


Lister Helicopters pride themselves on providing quality and efficient service on every job we do.

Helicopter aerial gorse spraying



Lister Helicopters are pleased to partner with Red-1 Fabrication - a local company who design and build our purpose-built spreader buckets. These buckets are designed to maximise both flight and spread performance and are cutting-edge design.

Lister Helicopters have TracMap GPS systems in all of their machines. Tracmap enables us to upload and download farm blocks and provide proof of placement with each job so our clients can keep accurate and cost efficient records of their application programmes.

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